Somewhere over the rainbow is a healthy, sober, thinner me

I still have a headache, its like a medium to bad hangover and yet I still have not touched a drop of alcohol so why does my head hurt so badly. I’m still meat, dairy and alcohol free and should be feeling better by now surely.

We had a big poker night on Friday and there was only one ¬†other non drinker who is doing dry January, by the end of the night everyone else was smashed. I was being hugged and asked if I was really alright not drinking, and I am, I really am. There has only been a couple of times that I have looked longingly at a glass of red wine but I haven’t succumbed. I’m eating lots of nuts tho…and demolished a tub of vegan salted caramel chocolate ice cream.

The reflexology today has left me with a worse headache…is that a thing after this kind of treatment?


Days 10-13, still sober and Vegan, time for a treat

It’s actually 13th day of sobriety and I’m not sure whether the ongoing fuzzy head is due to the meat, dairy or alcohol detox.

Today I had the first of 6 reflexology sessions which in going will help balance my hormones, kick my metabolism into gear and stop the menopause symptoms. No pressure for the therapist but my expectations are high.

I’m drinking grapefruit and tonic and just had a beetroot burger, which was amazing. I’ve got vegan ice cream and all’s good in my world… At the moment!

Day 8 and 9, sunny days ahead

So today and yesterday have been a little easier as the headache has eased.

I’ve had a few wishful wine twinges and tonight I’m alone in the house with a bottle the bf opened before he went out. I swear it looked at me as I ignored it in favour of herbal tea but I’m hanging in there.

The dairy detox and meat free eating is going well apart from making my insides gurgle and squeak. There have been moments of discomfort which are being eased by looking for a holiday.

I’ve been thinking about my relationship with alcohol and my party girl persona and consequent addictions to various substances. I’ll be going through that here to make sense of it once and for all.

Day 7 sober vegan, worst headache ever. Crossing the bridge to a healthier me

So today was the worst so far, the worst headache ever and I’m not sure if it’s cutting out alcohol, meat or dairy.

I’m finding the abstaining easier than I thought it would be but the side effects are fucked up.

My head is banging and my digestive system is gurgling like rusty old pipes that need attention.

Pretty sure I was supposed to be skipping about singing by now but I’m not and that makes me sad.

I got on the scales this morning and appear to have gained 8llbs since yesterday.

Today is a bad day so I’m drinking herbal tea and binge watching catastrophe and my crazy ex girlfriend to try and make things better.

Roll on tomorrow…

Sunday, #day6, #100daychallenge, time for a treat

Six days, six whole days. Well it will be by bedtime so I’m at the spa, lazing on a lounger by a bath like pool following a massage.

This week I’ve played poker without alcohol, watched TV without alcohol, had dinner without alcohol and eaten out without alcohol… Apart from finding out kombucha contains a tiny bit of alcohol I’ve totally abstained and it feels good.

I’ve also eaten vegan which has been easier and tastier than I thought and the scales say I might have lost a kilogramme, although my impatient self feels this should be at least 3!

All in all its been a good week, there have obviously been times when I’ve looked at my friends and family holding glasses of wine, beer, cocktails and thought maybe just one won’t hurt but have resisted as I know I won’t stop at one.

My massage therapist said it’s all about balance and maybe I should just have wine at the weekend. I just said maybe when I’ve finished my challenge. She then recommended I change the course of massages I got for Christmas to a reflexology course to help with the rebalancing so I have.

Lying here with with the soft music and chatter of fellow spa users I’m relaxed and chilled and no alcohol or animals were consumed in the process…

Just passed my coffee with coconut milk to my bf to try, “fuck of babe that tastes like a bounty, you wouldn’t like it if I stuck something nasty in your mouth so stop making me try horrible things”.

I don’t think he’s joining in anytime soon…

Kombucha, not as healthy as I thought

I thought that this was going to be my replacement for alcohol. I like it, it’s healthy and currently all the rage. However, while knocking one of the ginger variety back at work today I had a proper look at the label only to find that out contains 1.2% alcohol. And there was I thinking I was doing well not drinking and being healthy at the same time. What a fucking fail. Probably find meat in my vegan dinner next! Oh well back to the drawing board.

Banish the booze

Day 3 and I’m playing online poker and watching football without wine. This is unusual for me especially as bf is drinking. Last night he managed two bottles of red followed by two GnT’s. Half of that will normally be my intake but credit to him he did the lot.

The picture is the label of the last bottle I had and I feel that banished is a great name for it.

Veganuary is going well and I’m excited to see if I can stick to the changes and whether I feel and look better.

Still not sleeping well and feeling sluggish in the morning, it’s almost like a hangover. I’m hoping that will pass as the poison leaves my body.